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Buku Enchanted Moments
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As a visual diary of Deniek G. Sukaryas unique documentation of the life of the land, people and culture of Indonesia for the last 30 years. This book will take you on a magical journey through fragments of time that truly inspire and create wonders. Through the rare moments when dreams and reality seem to merge into perfect harmony, albeit briefly and unexpectedly. These moments are forever kept alive in his extraordinary collection of images that eloquently express their timeless beauty. These works are not merely records of times and places, but also the reflection of Denieks deep emotional experiences as well as his personal interpretation of the moments. 182 Stunning pictures - from landscape to nature, from people at work to spectacular cultural events, from everyday life to fantastic natural phenomena - have been selected to create this wonderful book.


216 pages, Full color printing,

Hardcover with jacket,

English, Size 30x30 cm,

Premium art paper 170 g

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