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Buku Indonesia Menanam - A Gift to the World
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A Gift to the Worldt

by Deniek G. Sukarya

Indonesia is aware that some of her 120 million hectares of forest have been significantly damaged. As a consequence, the government, working together with the public at large, is determined to bring illegal logging and the trade in illegally sourced timber to an end and to effectively implement the policies on forest rehabilitation and conservation.

The government is also determined to promote regreening programmes in collaboration with the public, media and private sector, an all-out effort will be made to improve public awareness through the "Indonesian Planting Movement".

The 156 pages full color, bilingual book INDONESIA MENANAM - A GIFT TO THE WORLD was published for SWARAHIJAU as a special memento from the Minister of Forestry to the participants of the UNFCCC-COP 13 in Nusa Dua, Bali. This book was a very important contribution to this event to present the government's effort in sustainable forest management for the benefit of the environment and the people of Indonesia.

Ukuran : 30 x 30 cm

Berat : 1.250 gram

Volume : 156 halaman

Hard cover : Strawboard dilapis linmaster hitam hotprint gold (matt) depan dan punggung

Jacket : Art Carton 190 gram 4/0 warna + laminating doff 1 muka + spot varnish

Skiblad : Fancy paper 176 gram-Polos (warna krem atau hijau)

Kertas - Cetak : Lumisilk 170 gram (import) - 4/4 warna + varnish offset

Bahasa : B. Indonesia dan B. Inggris

Berat: 1550g
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